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Explain the use techniques of second-hand excavator crushing hammers



The second-hand excavator crushing technology is a skill that every operator should master. Below, we will explain the use techniques of excavator crushing hammers from both safety and operation aspects.

1、 Security section

A debris protection device should be installed in front of the cab to prevent injuries caused by flying debris during operation.

Do not operate the crushing hammer when intoxicated or in response to medication.

When disconnecting the bent back for maintenance and repair, ensure stable working conditions and lower the working device. This is the safety section of the usage tips for excavator crushing hammers.

2、 Operations

A. Firstly, place the crushing head vertically on the object to be crushed.

B. When starting the crushing operation, lift the front car body approximately 5cm, but do not lift it too high.

C. The crushing head should always press on the broken object. Do not operate the crushing head when the broken object has not been crushed. When the broken object breaks, it should be stopped immediately.

D. The direction of the crushing head and the direction of the crusher itself will gradually change instead of being in a straight line, so the bucket oil cylinder should always be adjusted to ensure that both are in a straight line.

E. When the crushing head cannot penetrate the broken object, change the crushing position. Do not continue crushing in one place for more than one minute, otherwise not only will the crushing head be damaged, but the oil temperature will also increase abnormally. For hard objects, break from the edge.

This article aims to provide useful tips for using excavator crushing hammers. Users can also summarize their past operating experience and compare what areas they need to improve. Only in this way can everyone's operational skills be improved.

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