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Five key reasons why water and oil enters the excavator



If water enters the excavator oil, it will cause deformation of important components such as the engine crankshaft and connecting rod, causing the engine to shake. In severe cases, it will cause components to break and the engine to be scrapped. So what causes water to enter the engine?

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1. Engine water is blocked and leaking

Due to water blockage and rust due to scale corrosion, cooling water will enter the oil channel from the water channel to the oil pan. This cause is very common, so check for water blockage frequently.

2.Broken oil radiator

If the radiator pipe is damaged, water from outside the radiator will penetrate into the oil radiator, causing water intrusion into the engine oil.

3.Cracks appear in cylinder liner

When the cooling water comes into contact with the working cylinder liner, cracks are likely to occur. Once a crack occurs, the cooling water will directly enter the cylinder and enter the oil pan through the cylinder wall, which will cause the engine oil to turn white, and the whitening of the engine oil will cause It will cause problems such as poor engine combustion and white smoke. Under normal circumstances, cylinder liners are not prone to cracks, but in some cases, such as freezing in winter when the cooling water is not filled with antifreeze, this may cause cracks in the cylinder liner.

4.Damaged cylinder liner seal

Damage to the cylinder liner sealing ring is a common cause of water intrusion into the engine oil, so when troubleshooting the cause, be sure to check whether the cylinder liner sealing ring is intact.

5. Damaged cylinder gasket

If the cylinder gasket is damaged and the water circulates quickly, the water in the water channel will flow into the engine oil channel, causing water intrusion into the engine oil. Damage to the cylinder gasket is also one of the common causes of water intrusion into the engine oil. After each disassembly of the machine, try to use a new cylinder gasket to avoid leakage of the cylinder gasket, resulting in oil leakage and engine damage.

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